Thursday, November 22, 2007

Batu Putih..... so close Yet so Far.........and Away?

Singapore's Photo

Our Photo
picture source: Jeff Ooi

Read the full details on Jeff's site. Like this also can happen ah? Is this how we fight a case in International Court of Justice . You can see the difference of both photo's background hill part of the pictures. The Malaysian photo have a slightly high visibility of the Mount Berbukit compared to Singapore. (Well not slightly high is it? Extra high maa..) Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Professor S. Jayakumar and Singapore’s Attorney-General Chao Hick Tin managed to pecah tembelang of Malaysia in their in final arguments of the case. By the way I'm also wondering as Rocky, what is our Deputy Prime Minister doing here in the midst all this thing? Flabbergasted?? Me too!

Funniest part is that, our country being so opposed and against all those blogger, then how on earth use a picture from a blog with no proper identification and better still only created a month ago to present a case in International Court of Justice. Lol! Further claims that the picture was from a independent source! Maybe chili sauce la..

This is Malaysia Bolehland, today I'm here blogging and who knows tomorrow I may be in Nowhere land too!


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