Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brazil Wins Fifa World Cup 2014 ....

From the left, Paulo Coelho, Dunga, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Romario and Ricardo Teixeira celebrate Fifa's decision.
Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Really? Nope.. Not yet Brazil. The South American nations, the fifth most populous country in the globe, fifth most largest country in the world and also the five time Fifa World Cup holders has been awarded the right to host the Fifa World Cup 2014 since 1950. On that occasion Brazil lost the final round robin match 2 -1 to Uruguay (this was the only tournament not decided by a one-match final) the eventual champions in Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro in front of almost 200,000 spectators. Uruguay's victory over Brazil is regarded as one of the biggest upsets in sports history, commonly known as the Maracanazo.

Sepp Blatter, the Fifa President announce the decision earlier today in Zurich. Brazil were the only country bidding to host the finals, but their delegation went through the formality of making a 30-minute presentation to the world governing body's executive committee in Zurich, before being officially awarded the finals.

Blatter said "There was an extraordinary presentation by the delegation and we witnessed that this World Cup will have such a big social and cultural impact in Brazil". Correct indeed! In Brazil football is considered as religion besides having the largest Roman Catholics believers in the world. Hope the Brazilian people will rejoice by the decision to host the World Cup 2014. I'm not a big fan of Brazil in terms of football, but really favors the South American brand football more than Europe. For all the Brazil fans out there.. Good Luck!!

P/s : I hope Argentina wins the 2014 World Cup and also coming 2010 World Cup in South Africa too!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Inside Myanmar (Burma) : The Brutal Crackdown!

Here is a video by Al Jazeera's reporter Tony Birtley who went undercover in Burma to report exclusively on the people's protests and resulting bloody crackdown by Burma's military government, talking to the protesters, filming the bloody crackdown and gauging the mood of the nation.

As I watched the video, I could not believe my eyes seeing so many monks who were so calm and contended in their march showing protest against the military regime. I salute their actions demanding for democracy, which is really deserved by the Burmese people under the ruling of brutal regime for the past forty years in Burma. The monks really showed to the world that they are not just a bunch people sitting in Buddha temple reciting holy mantras, preaching and talking good karma, practicing celibacy etc. For me what they did on that video marching on the streets of Rangoon and demanding democracy for the people of their country is what really good karma is all about!

The worst thing is that how could the military regime impose such an violent act towards the defenseless monks? What karma could all this military people get for being such a bloody ruthless human being? Aren't you too a Buddhist like those monks were? What crime did the unarmed monks did to deserve such a brutal treatment? Come On United Nations and please do something about this. Tomorrow, 24th October is the United Nations Day. Is it just going to be an high tea party and swiss roles celebration in U.N? Please don't let any more monks to die or to be harassed in any prison! They don't deserve this. The killing will continue as long as the U.N didn't step up. Ha ha! There is bell rings on my head now! And what about you U.S of America? Are you just going to sit and watch all this nonsense? Come on U.S.A step up! Do something right for the first time in the history of America. You Americans love to stick your nose where nobody really wants it but right now in Burma some good people really needs your assistance. Please save the monks and Burma now!

thanks & regards

P/S: Is it Burma OR Iran which is going to be United State's next mission? Just wondering who had the more natural gas resources?

Don't Let the World Forget About the Saffron Revolution

Im forwarding an email by for your info about action plans on Burma for Wednesday, October 24th,the United Nations Day.

This Wednesday, October 24th, is an important day for Burma. It is: 1) United Nations Day, 2) The day when Aung San Suu Kyi will have been under house arrest for a total of 12 years, and 3) One month since the uprisings in Burma were at their peak.

We will be marking this day with a host of actions around the world.

- Several organizations are working together to organize in 12 cities around the world. At 12 noon, demonstrators dressed in white (as political prisoners are forced to wear inside Burma) will gather in front of Chinese embassies. Please let us know if you want to participate in the demonstration in Washington, DC.

- A group of Burmese monks and exiles have been marching from Albany, NY to the United Nations in a peace walk. On Wednesday, please join with them as they continue their march from the Burmese regime's Mission in New York to the United Nations from 10-11 am. The Mission is located on 10E and 77th St. For more info, the cell phone for the peace walk is (518) 605-8506.

- For those of you who cannot participate in these actions we are asking you to ensure that the American public does not forget Burma. We are asking you on this day to reinvigorate public attention by writing an op-ed article for your local newspaper, write a post on your blog or facebook profile, host a teach in for your friends and neighbors, or for more suggestions or visit our action page.

The Burmese regime may be the jailer of Aung San Suu Kyi and thousands of other prisoners, but China holds the key to her release. The United Nations Security Council (of which China is a member) must act urgently as more and more people are being hunted down, arrested and tortured. China must not block Security Council action. We will show that we will not allow Burma's regime to hide its abuses from the world.. The United Nations Security Council needs to pass a global arms embargo now!

-Thelma Young

Monday, October 22, 2007

08/08/08: Celebrating the Chinese Olympics or Commemorating a Burmese Massacre?

August 08, 2008 will not only be the opening date of Beijing Olympic, but will also mark the 20Th anniversary of Pro-Democracy protest in Burma on 1988. The Chinese government stated that date 08.08.08 was chosen for a symbolic reason but the recent events in Burma and the China ties with the military government would emphasis more global attention on the suffering of Burmese people. “If China takes a strong stand on Burma now, it will be credited rather than criticized on 08-08-08,” said Sophie Richardson, Asia Advocacy of Human Rights Watch following a letter to President Hu Jintao on 17.10.2007. “Doing so isn’t just right; it’s also in China’s self-interest.”

China is one of Burma's largest investors and suppliers of weaponry. Being so, the Chinese government should immediately take concrete steps to help end state repression in Burma stated Richardson. The letter basically urges Hu Jintao to take the eight steps to end the repression in Burma currently:

  • Immediately place an embargo on all weapons transfers from China to Burma and suspend all military training, transport, assistance, and cooperation.
  • Support or abstain from vetoing UN Security Council resolutions calling for sanctions or other collective action to address the crisis in Burma.
  • In the absence of Security Council-imposed sanctions, China (along with other countries) should act to impose targeted sanctions to encourage the steps outlined above.
  • Uphold the 1951 Refugee Convention and customary international law and allow anyone fleeing persecution in Burma to cross the border into China.
  • Suspend involvement by state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation and Sinopec, both official Olympic partners, in proposed Burma-China oil and natural gas pipelines until the conditions specified above in relation to multilateral sanctions are met.
  • Instruct Chinese firms, including stated-owned firms, with business ties to Burma to publicly and fully disclose all payments made to the Burmese military, directly or through the entities it controls.
  • Continue to urge the Burmese military government to engage in dialogue with its critics, and end its repression of them. The Seven Step Road Map to Democracy, which is merely a cover for continued military rule, must be scrapped and replaced with a plan that has the genuine support of Burma’s political parties and ethnic groups.
  • Urge the Burmese government to reconvene a truly representative and participatory national convention that operates through an open and transparent consultative process that could lead to a new constitutional settlement that genuinely reflects the views of all parties and leads to the creation of a civilian government.
Olympic 2008 is the stage where global attention is turning towards China and the stand that China will took to mitigate the suffering and pain of Burmese people for their right of democracy. I hope the Chinese government wouldn't really wants the world to recall on the 08.08.08 at the launching of their Olympic Games, the massacre of more than 3000 peoples being slaughtered and killed on August 1988 on the Pro-Democracy protest held in Burma.

Let's hope for the best now for Burma!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Save Burma Please!

In recent time, most of us knew about the crisis in Burma. Or am I the only stranger here? Let me elaborate a few things based on my limited knowledge about Burma and let us see what we as human generally and of course blogger specifically can do to mitigate the brutal killing and slaughtering happening in Burma. The South East Asia country has been ruled for the past 40 years by one of the most ruthless military regime. People of Burma has been devoid of democracy all this while under the ruling regime. The last major demand of the Burmese people for democracy was started by students back in August 1988. Still remember the so called 8888 Uprising? Students, soldiers, monks all joined the protest demanding for their right for democracy. But what happened? It's come to a bloody end as the regime army killed thousands of protesters and since then the ruling regime held the country in an iron grip.

For the first time in 30 bloody years, the regime held a 'free' election in May 1990. Guys, do you remember Aung San Suu Kyi? Yes, that Nobel Laurette which I'm talking about. The National League for Democracy (NLD) led by Aung San Suu Kyi won the election on May 1990. But sadly the ruling regime of the country annulled the result and do not step down. Goddamn SHIT! Aung San Suu Kyi was imprisoned later. Since then the protest against the military junta has been slowing down. The Iron Grip remains strong in Burma. But that was about to change now!

Recently, in August after the rise of fuel price the military junta also witnessing the rising of Burmese people as well. Started by the activist of NLD protesting against the fuel price hike sooner joined by ordinary people and Buddhist monks. It all started to become worst when the regime beats up several monks during a rally in Pakokku. The regime who were actually hoping the demonstration would slow down after the incident, but the monks seems not going to slow down! Monks in hundreds and even thousands were marching all over the country demanding an apology from the government ruled by the junta. BBC states that the protest was going so huge joined 150 nuns and further urging civilians to join in the protest. The more the merrier!

The Alliance of all Buddhist Monks, who were heading the protest had sworn that they will never stop until they had “wiped the military dictatorship from the land”. Can the monks do it all by themselves? How did the monks going to fight against the junta? Don't expect that the monks will use some magic spell to ward off the machine guns shooting bullets against their chest. I doubt the monks can bring the long stolen democracy back to Burma. There is a Burmese saying tells that when the "three son's" (i.e the soldiers, the monks and the students) of the nation joins hand, the military junta can be brought down to ground.

As we knew out the the three sons, the monks are already united and marching all over the country, the students has been quietly preaching for democracy ever since 1988. Now the youngest son, the soldiers, are they going to join their elder siblings and force the so called long forgotten democracy back in Burma? Or another dejavu as it was in 1988 when the junta crushed all the dreams of democracy. At last according to Guardian the British newspaper the third son is just around the corner to help his elder brothers.

Guardian reported that army Division 33 has refused to shoot at the people in Mandalay. The government then ordered Division 33 to move out of Mandalay but they refused to follow the order. The junta has sent Division 99 to replace Division 33, according to unconfirmed rumors, fighting has broken out between the two divisions. The Guardian also reports that disgruntled officers have formed a group called the Public Patriot Army Association and expressed their backing for demonstrators.

It is a promising development if an entire division has refused to shoot at the people, and is more willing to fight other army divisions than unarmed civilians. Hopefully, other divisions will follow the example of Division 33, and there will be no need for infighting in the junta army. If enough soldiers refuse to shoot, the military junta will have lost their only important means of staying in power, and the people will have won a strong and important ally. Only time will tell whether the three sons together will help to save their parents, Burma.

According to RWB, the Burmese junta has shut down Internet connections and phone lines, and the military are hounding the foreign journalists still working on the ground. At least one was forced to take refuge in an embassy or go underground. Several Burmese publications have closed after refusing to publish propaganda articles, and the ones still in print do not cover either the protests or the government crackdown.

27.09.2007 is a sad Wednesday for Burmese people. The military junta in Rangoon opens fire against the monks and protesters killing 3 people at least. Further, police raided Buddhist temples and detained almost 200 monks on the night itself. The most saddest thing is what happens to China? It's one of the country in the world that the Burmese military junta actually listens to but sadly the Chinese together with Russia has blocked any suggestion of global sanctions against the Burmese regime at the UN security council emergency session September 26. WTF??

Despite the military junta’s violent crackdown on all forms of protests, the Burmese people keep fighting for their rights. Bravo! The junta is now focusing more on silencing the media and political opposition. Many journalists and writers are reported missing, their whereabouts unknown. While some of the monks who were arrested during the protests last week are now released, the government keep rounding up and arresting more monks, as well as journalists, writers and NLD politicians.

However, the brave Burmese people has not given up. The BBC reports that the Burmese are not just afraid but intensely angry, and that this is definitely not the end of the protests. Even when faced with very real threats of violence, torture and death, the Burmese people keep fighting for their rights. This time around they want their democracy and they will fight all the way.

Now it's time for us to support and help Burmese people. Burma really needs you to support the monks and protesters. Those protesting out there might be brave and willing to sacrifice their life for their democracy. But that's not the way this all demonstration and protest should end. The monks and protesters needs International support and this is where we blogger and fellow Internet community could came out and offer our hands! We can do it just within the reach of our fingertips.

Boycott Olympic 2008 in Beijing. China has the most power to halt the military junta generals reign of power. But sadly, China have used their permanent seat in the UN Security Council to block all resolutions mentioning sanctions against the junta. Hopefully, China should be sensitive to international pressure now, as the 2008 Olympics will be held in Beijing. Let us take this opportunity to pressure China not to use their veto power to avoid mentioning sanctions against the military junta of Burma. Guys you all can do it at both these places . 1) China help Burma. and 2) China help Burma.

Amnesty International also do provides the text and and address for you to mail to if you are going to target direct at the military junta for releasing all the detained monks and protesters. You can do so here.

Please try to do any of this little help that we can do to save a nation who just needs freedom and democracy. I feel most of us here would also have the same thought like me. Let us all blogger and fellow Internet community join our hands together to be the fourth son of Burma. Let us try our best to give what the Burmese people really deserve.

thanks & regards

Friday, October 19, 2007

40th Day Memorial of my Mother

40Th Day Memorial Prayer for the soul of our beloved Mother the late Madam Lily Jasper will be held at our residence A-2-6, Taman Tambun Baru, 31400 Ipoh, Perak on Saturday, October 27Th 2007 at 7.30PM. To all those friend's, relatives and those who knew me are invited for this occasion.

We wish to thank relatives, friends and everybody for their kind attendance, wreath, telephone, telegrams and email condolence and all those kind soul who helped us during the recent bereavement in our family. My deepest gratitude for all of you!

Yours in mourning,
Me, Thomas, Deni, Mary Jasper, Alias Jasper, Kasthury, relatives and friends.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Indian Classical Bharathanatyam Dance

Harini Jeevitha, 12 years old.

Arcana Raja, 13 years old.

Indian dance performed by these ladies is authentic solo Mellathur style of Bharathanatyam which is famous in South Indian province of the multi cultured and colourful India. This popular South Indian dance form called Bharatanatyam is a 20th century reconstruction of Cathir, the art of temple dancers. Cathir in turn, is derived from ancient dance forms. The word Bharata, some believe, signifies the author of the famous Sanskrit treatise on stagecraft, called NatyaShastra, and the word Bharatanatyam is sometimes given a folk etymology as follows:Bha for Bhava or abhinaya and expression, Ra for raga or melody, and Ta for tala or rhythm.

Bharata refers to the author of Natya Sastra, and natya is Sanskrit meaning for the art of sacred dance-drama brought to the stage at the beginning of the 20Th century. For further info on this classical Indian heritage refer to

Back to the video performance of the dancers, I could not believe that both of them were such young girls who not only performed the movements of the dance in such a articulate manner but also the facial expression or abhinaya was simply superb. Especially Arcana Raja is amazing.

Being an Indian, it always make me feel good to witness a good Bharathanatyam from Indian dancers. As far as I'm concern there is no other classical Indian dance has the richness of Bharathanatyam. You can't have all the effect of this dance like energy, agility, expressions, control, grace, youthfulness and the same time inept maturity in any other form of dance. Divine dance of India. Enjoy the dance. You may feel free to disagree.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More N.U.B.E member's picket at Maybank in Penang



More pickets by National Union of Bank Employee's Malaysia member's in Penang area. Video's by fellow member ajasroma. Thanks for the video bro. 'Lawan tetap Lawan!'

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Venmai (White)

Venmai is a short film inspired by a true story about a young girl's torment in an estate. The complete shooting of Venmai was done in 14 hours without any prior rehearsal. Some of the actors were also selected in the estate and trained on the spot. Some of the actual facts have been altered for theatrical purposes.

What a picture?

Nice picture I found in Politik 101 Malaysia

A picture that really speaks thousand words! That's my opinion. No matter what happened in our lives or how many problems we encounter in our lives, our own home and family is still the best place to be in! After full day of hectic and chaos in our daily routine 'mencari sesuap nasi', somehow I always feel cozy and warm in my own little house.

Friday, October 05, 2007

There is a God!

About 12yr old kid's battle against cancer. He loved to sing but one day he woke up and his beautiful voice was gone. A few days later he was diagnosed with cancer. He worried if he would ever be able to sing again. Between chemo-sessions he spent time at ZM’s Day Center composing, arranging and trying to keep his voice fit under professional musical guidance. This resulted in a song about his illness, his hopes and fears. Three days before his Bar Mitzvah he left the hospital after a week of intensive chemo therapy, and headed straight for the studio to record his song.

At the day of his Bar Mitzvah he went to the Kotel to pray and give thanks. Later that night a few hundred guests joined him at ZM’s Day Center for a Bar Mitzvah celebration that none of the guests will ever forget. This video was played at the highlight of the night.

Composer: Yisrael Chaim
Musical arrangements: Jeff Horvitch/Micky Graz
Vocal arrangements: Moshe Roth
Studio: Creative Audio Jerusalem
Production: Zichron Menachem

Nick Vujicic - No Arms No Legs No Limbs

part 1

part 2

Nick Vujicic, an Australian born without arms or legs. He says that for years he prayed for a miracle but then found that maybe he is the miracle himself.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mevlana Rumi, 7 öğüt (The 7 Advice)

Another wonderful piece of lesson from the master Rumi. I wish I could live by this 7 Advise from him.

Love's nationality is separate from all other religions,

The lover's religion and nationality is the Beloved (God).
The lover's cause is separate from all other causes,
Love is the astrolabe of God's mysteries

Jalalludin ar-Rumi

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

N.U.B.E Ipoh picket in Maybank.

Being a National Union of Bank Employee's member Ipoh branch I and fellow member's were protesting against Maybank in front of MBB Jln Sultan Idris Shah, Ipoh on 01.10.2007. The picket campaign was going on since last week. Support N.U.B.E. We want 30% salary increment and we don't want the Bank to ROB our 2 month's BONUS!

All for ONE and ONE for All. Together we stand N.U.B.E member's all over Malaysia.

P/S: Video is provided by Nokia N73 owned by my friend Rosdi Ahmad. Thanks so much!

Crisis? !!

Funny Poster by mob1900

This is my dream movie. Great director! Great Actors and even Great Co-Actors.
Truly a Malaysian Bolehland dream.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rumi : Like This -- A Sufi Poem

This clip is poem by one of the great muslim sufi of all times. Fondly known as Rumi in all over the world for his genuine approach of love and compassion towards all human being no matter what religion or race which speaks vehemently in his poems. A true auliya of Allah by any means. May God sanctify his soul. Ameen!

Love's nationality is separate from all other religions,
The lover's religion and nationality is the Beloved (God).
The lover's cause is separate from all other causes
Love is the astrolabe of God's mysteries

Jalalludin ar-Rumi

Old Deepavali TV Ad.

Guys do you still remember this Petronas Deepavali ad? This is the best ad I have ever seen in tv for so long. For me, this ad tells me that being tolerant and adaptive to foreign culture and custom we should never forget who we really are! Wonder who direct and create this brilliant ad?

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