Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Inside Myanmar (Burma) : The Brutal Crackdown!

Here is a video by Al Jazeera's reporter Tony Birtley who went undercover in Burma to report exclusively on the people's protests and resulting bloody crackdown by Burma's military government, talking to the protesters, filming the bloody crackdown and gauging the mood of the nation.

As I watched the video, I could not believe my eyes seeing so many monks who were so calm and contended in their march showing protest against the military regime. I salute their actions demanding for democracy, which is really deserved by the Burmese people under the ruling of brutal regime for the past forty years in Burma. The monks really showed to the world that they are not just a bunch people sitting in Buddha temple reciting holy mantras, preaching and talking good karma, practicing celibacy etc. For me what they did on that video marching on the streets of Rangoon and demanding democracy for the people of their country is what really good karma is all about!

The worst thing is that how could the military regime impose such an violent act towards the defenseless monks? What karma could all this military people get for being such a bloody ruthless human being? Aren't you too a Buddhist like those monks were? What crime did the unarmed monks did to deserve such a brutal treatment? Come On United Nations and please do something about this. Tomorrow, 24th October is the United Nations Day. Is it just going to be an high tea party and swiss roles celebration in U.N? Please don't let any more monks to die or to be harassed in any prison! They don't deserve this. The killing will continue as long as the U.N didn't step up. Ha ha! There is bell rings on my head now! And what about you U.S of America? Are you just going to sit and watch all this nonsense? Come on U.S.A step up! Do something right for the first time in the history of America. You Americans love to stick your nose where nobody really wants it but right now in Burma some good people really needs your assistance. Please save the monks and Burma now!

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P/S: Is it Burma OR Iran which is going to be United State's next mission? Just wondering who had the more natural gas resources?

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