Sunday, September 16, 2007


Mofie A/L Augustine
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

I'm a contra character basically. Non lateral thinking and mostly unconventional idiom banging around my brains. I can be very polite and humble on one moment but suddenly I can also be intolerably vulgar. There are always both sides of coin! If there's black then it's direct opposite white co-exist too. There is no gray shades in life. Life is full of extremes. I'm used to be an intelligent person by birth but as many intelligent people in this world I'm also one of those whose intelligent is ruined by education. :) I always strive hard to be original at any cause and willing to sacrifice anything just to be my own self. And that's where came in this unstoppable madness and mediocrity which haunts and creates panic in most people whom I know and love so much. God have mercy on them! Astrologically speaking I'm supposed to live my life till the end of year 2038! May I live to the fullest of my ability and hopefully I could find a female( yes!! female) companion by the end of my life as per my mom's wish.
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